Aurelia (aurelia) wrote in garner_hsw,

Session 1; Challenge no. 03 results

Tags: results, session 1, session 1; challenge no. 03

  • Session 1; Challenge no. 05

    I'm going to put the results of last challenge up tomorrow. I just wanted to get this up today. :) Life's no longer horribly in the way so I can…

  • Session 1; Challenge no. 04 voting

    Well, it's voting time! :D Thanks for participating, good luck and please all try to vote if you can. Sorry it's up late. I was having issues with…

  • Session 1; Challenge no. 04 reminder

    CLICK TO ENTER THE CURRENT CHALLENGE If you want to participate icons are due Monday, October 13, 2008 | 1:30pm brisbane time. THE WORLD CLOCK

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